/ Description


The summer residence dating back to the turn of the 19th century is located at the end of a private road on a 40-hectare peninsula. The house, on a private piece of real estate of 10.000 square metres is about 15 metres away from a footbridge to the lake. The private shore is about 120 metres long and the landing stage is about 40 metres away from the swimming area.

The house, under monumental protection was built on a historical fundament in 1899 by a New York businessman, and furnished in the best of taste. The original furnishing has been preserved until today, and so lots of antique furniture can be found inside the house.

In addition the house is equipped according to modern state-of-the art. A telephone, fax machine, TV set, washing machine, tumble dryer and a dishwasher are available. The house is 150 square metres. It consists of a big kitchen with a larder, dining room, living room, TV room and a study. The dining room and the living room are connected by a sliding door. On the first floor there are three bedrooms with closets for clothes, and bathrooms. There is a big balcony to the south of the house with a modern gas barbecue on which the fish caught in the lake can be cooked.

A special characteristic of the house is the fact that you have a view of the water. In the south you can see both waters because the house was deliberately built in the place where the river flows into the lake.